About Us

What makes us better?

 iP-Plastic’s approach to the plastic market is unique, innovative, and truly serves the customer’s needs.


› We are not a subsidiary of any single producer; therefore we are free to source the product you need.

› The traditional market approach is to sell the customer “whatever my company has” instead of “what you really need.”

› When you ask a producer, manufacturer, or distributor for a particular product, they do whatever it takes to convince you to buy the product they have.

› Utilizing our combined knowledge and experience in the market, iP-Plastic works to get you what you need.

› We are experienced professionals, who are used to working with a very large group of the best plastic manufacturers.

› If you have a specific product requirement, and you do not know where to source it: or you just want to check out what else is available “behind the current supplier

iP-Plastic can offer you highly competitive deals, by sourcing the best material from several sources.

› If you require a special product that no one else carries, we can help you design and have it produced for you.

› We can combine supplies from different sources in order to provide you with the best available option for each of your needs.

› We work with several suppliers, which are supervised and verified by us.  Manufacturing is made according to our tough / non-compromised QA specifications.

Please contact us with any question you may have

Office: info@ip-plastic.com  (mail address: 4821 Tocora Lane, Madison, WI 53711-1222)

Amit Israeli – (608-359-1750   amit@ip-plastic.com  )

Vincenzo Piarulli – ( +39 349 0529852  or 203-626-2858   ep@ip-plastic.com )